2017 NRA Collegiate Rifle Club Championship

Congratulations to the club MSU shooting team for competing at NRA Collegiate Rifle Club Championship! The team headed down to Fort Benning, Georgia for a two day national match where they shot both NRA Outdoor Metric Position Smallbore and NRA Precision Air Rifle.

The weekend started out with a practice period on Friday for team members to become familiar with the ranges and sight in rifles. Smallbore opened up the national matches on Saturday at the 50 meter Pool Outdoor Range. The MSU smallbore team performed well, securing a season high team score.

The team consisted of Katrina Klaes with a 551-13x, tying her previous personal match high, Alex Novotny shooting a 512-11x for a personal high score, Ian Shumway turning in a 494-6x for another personal high, Josephine Auchterlonie shooting a season high of 425-4x, and Matt Oxie shooting a 395-3x for a combined team score of 1982-34x, placing the team in 7th.

Air rifle finished out the national matches on Sunday at the 10 meter Pool Indoor Range. The team put forward another high performance and set a new season high air rifle team score. The MSU air rifle team consisted of Ian Shumway with a 534, beating his personal best by 54 points, Katrina Klaes with a 533, Alex Novotny shooting a 507, Matt Oxie shooting a 501 beating his previous record by at least 20 points, and Megan Beisser with a 479, just a few points below her previous high score for a team score of 2075 placing the team in 9th.

The positive experience of nationals did not stop with the end of shooting though. Team members shared some of the thoughts they had about nationals, and they show that there is a lot more to competitive shooting than trigger pulling. Megan said, “It was an honor to be able to compete alongside such high level shooters. I learned a lot and I think a side ‘accomplishment’ would be the team bonding.” Ian confirmed the importance of team camaraderie when he said, “I PRd for both [smallbore and air rifle]…Doing that was nice, but being there as a team was the actual special part.” Alex summed everything up when he said, “I can’t explain how proud I am of my team, their hard work and dedication paid off. It was a fun trip, probably the most fun I’ve had at a rifle match. I can’t wait for next year.”

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