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What We Offer: Precision (Air Rifle, 3P Small Bore)

International Precision Air Rifle

  • 60 shot match with targets at 10m for .177 caliber air rifles.
      • All record shots will be shot from the standing position.
      • The match is divided into 3 equal sections that are 30 minutes long with 20 record shots per section.

3 Position (3P) Small Bore Rifle 

  • Courses of Fire:
      • Prone – 20 minutes for 20 record shots while laying on your chest and supporting the rifle with your non-dominant hand and a sling
      • Standing – 40 minutes for 20 record shots while in the standing position.
      • Kneeling – 30 minutes for 20 record shots in the kneeling position on your opposite knee with the help of a sling.