Shotgun Team Resources

What We Offer:

American Trap

  • A squad of 5 shoot in rotation from 5 stations arrayed in an arc located 16
    yards behind the traphouse
  • 5 targets are thrown at each station, after which the shooters move to the
    next station on their right
  • A round is 25 targets with one shot allowed at each single target


  • A round of skeet consists of 25 targets in a set sequence of singles and
    simultaneous doubles
  • Squads of 5 shooters take their turns from eight shooting stations
  • Each squad member takes 2 singles and 1 double from stations 1, 2, 6 & 7.
    Two singles are taken from stations 3, 4, 5 & 8
  • The 25th target is taken after the first target is missed, or as a final target
    (low house #8) after 24 targets
  • Targets are thrown a distance of 60 yards

Sporting Clays

  • A typical sporting course is laid out over a 10-30 acre site, ideally in rough,
    hilly terrain.
  • Usually, the path the shooters follow will take a circular or horse-shoe
    shape enabling shooters to start and finish in roughly the same place
  • Along the path, targets are thrown from 10-16 shooting stations depending
    on the course
  • Six different types of targets can be used: standard, midi, mini, battue,
    rocket or rabbit.
  • Target sequence may incorporate singles, report pairs, and true
    (simultaneous) pairs
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